One important feature of any HRMS is the ability to manage transactions, which are often initiated by employees themselves. This could include requests for time off, work from home, clarification of policies or procedures, overtime pay, or even resignation.

In this preface, we’ll focus on the various transaction features available within an HRMS. These features allow employees to easily request time off, apply for work from home, submit clarifications, apply for overtime, or even request resignations, all within the HRMS platform.

In addition to managing these requests, the HRMS also provides functionality for HR personnel to approve, reject or take other necessary actions on these transactions. Moreover, it allows calculating employee’s monthly salaries based on attendance and approving any requests related to extra pay, reimbursements, and more.

Thumb Application

The HRMS software tracks and monitors all thumb applications, ensuring that the employee's absence is accurately recorded and monitored. The software also maintains a complete history of all thumb applications submitted by employees, which can be accessed by authorized personnel at any time. The Thumb Application function ensures that there are no discrepancies in the employee's attendance record and helps to maintain accurate time and attendance data.

Holiday Application

holiday is approaching, and employees can submit a holiday application to take time off. The HRMS software will then keep track of the holiday request and approve or reject it based on the company's policies and procedures. This feature streamlines the holiday application process, making it more efficient and convenient for both the employee and the administrator.

Leave Application

Employees can apply for leave through the HRMS software, and the approval process is simplified and efficient. The HR department is informed of the employee's request, and the approver's signature and endorsement are automatically recorded. This helps to eliminate manual paper processing, reducing the risk of errors and improving the overall management of leave requests.

Work From Home

The Work From Home records the worker's daily presence. It allows HR to monitor attendance from the home schedule, including IN and OUT timings, the total hours worked, and overtime. Additionally, the Attendance Register supports leave applications and makes it easier for HR to manage employee absence records.

Clarification Application

This feature of the HRMS software helps track and understand the reasons behind an employee's changed schedule, ensuring clear communication and efficient record-keeping. The administrator can easily access this information and use it to make informed decisions about future absences or schedule changes. With the Clarification Application, the HRMS software helps maintain a productive and organized work environment.

Overtime Application

The Overtimes feature in the HRMS software helps to accurately keep track of the extra hours worked by an employee. This feature allows the employee to request overtime and for the responsible manager to approve or decline the request. With this, the HRMS software ensures that all overtime work is accurately accounted for and that the employee is properly compensated for their hard work.

Resign Application

The Resignation feature area in the HRMS software is designed to help employee to submit their resignation letter smoothly and efficiently. In this section, the employee can provide their name, resignation date, and an explanation along with the terms and conditions that will be applied to them. This helps to streamline the resignation process and ensure that all necessary information is captured and recorded accurately.

Extrapay Application

The extra pay application provides a platform for employees to report the number of extra hours they worked and the date, which will be reviewed by the appropriate authorities and processed accordingly. This system ensures that employees are properly compensated for their hard work and dedication to the organization.

Request Application

In the Request Application area of the HRMS software, employees have a platform to express their thoughts, suggestions, and ideas to management. This feature encourages open communication and fosters a positive work environment where employees feel heard and valued. By allowing employees to submit their requests in a streamlined and organized manner, the HRMS software helps to ensure that all employee feedback is properly addressed and considered.

Calculate Month Salary

The HRMS software makes it effortless to calculate an employee's monthly salary accurately and efficiently, taking into account all relevant factors such as the employee's attendance, leaves, overtime, deductions, and other relevant information. This ensures that the employee is paid fairly and in a timely manner, improving overall satisfaction and employee morale.

Calculate Final Attendance

The final attendance calculation is important for determining an employee's overall attendance record, which can impact their salary, bonuses, and future job prospects. The calculation takes into account all relevant attendance information, including attendance on weekends, holidays, and sick days, to provide an accurate representation of the employee's performance.